About the 2011 "Intimidator" Camaro:

The 2011 Dale Earnhardt Chevrolet "Intimidator" Camaro will be introduced to the world on April 29th, 2011 at Dale Earnhardt Day!  Driven by a highly modified, supercharged V8 powerhouse that produces 704 hp and 695 lb-ft of torque at 11 psi boost!  While driving this machine, the only thing that you will want more of is open roads.  Also adding to its substantial performance is a highly modified suspension, chassis, exhaust system, rotors and fuel system.  It even sports a racing-style "Intimidator" shifter , built from one solid piece of aluminum, is grooved for improved grip, and anodized black with a #3 on top and the "Intimidator" logo down the shaft.  But power isn't the only thing that will make this car monumental.   Its appearance carries definite cues from the race cars that Dale Earnhardt used during his reign of Intimidation, like a racing inspired, aluminum blade spoiler with support braces and a modern racing splitter with support braces, for improved down force.  To push more air to the monster of an engine, as well as to give it an even more threatening look, a front induction hood with a raised cowl is installed.  Finishing off the look are chrome plated "Intimidator" badges, a classic-style heritage grille, menacing afterburner tail lamps and chromed wheels with "Intimidator" engraved on a spoke.  Suited for the straights of the track but made to own the streets, this car is sure to live up to its name and intimidate everyone that spots it in their mirrors!  The first 10 produced will be part of a special Historic Series run.  These vehicles will be labeled with a custom-painted Series Indication on the sides, and on the Certificate of Authenticity.  These will be based on 10 of Dale Earnhardt's biggest achievements, including the 1979 Rookie of the Year, 1980 Winston Cup Champion, 1986 Winston Cup Champion, 1987 Winston Cup Champion, 1990 Winston Cup Champion, 1991 Winston Cup Champion, 1993 Winston Cup Champion, 1994 Winston Cup Champion, 4 Time IROC Champion, and 2001 Most Popular Driver.

The "2001 Most Popular Driver" Camaro will be featured in a raffle to benefit the Dale Earnhardt Foundation.  The first ten "Intimidator" Camaros will be sold at the price of $85,993.  After the run of the first ten are depleted the cars will continue to be built minus the Historic Series designations.  These Intimidator Camaros will be sold for $79,993.  All editions include a specially-commissioned "Intimidator" custom car cover like the ones used on the race cars of the NASCAR Sprint Cup series race cars.

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